Durkin is a manufacturers representative for the following product manufacturers.  Please browse their web sites to view available products.
Process Instrumentation Flow Meters- Magnetic, Vortex, Swirl, Wedge, Mass, Rotameters: Controllers- Recorders-Analog, Video: Transmitters- Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level pH, ORP, Conductivity: Water Analyzers-Silica, Sodium, Dissolved Oxygen, Ammonia, Flouride, Nitrate, Phosphate, Silicia, Sodium, Hydrazine Combustion Monitoring- O2,CO, CO2, NOX: Positioners & Actuators – Electric & Pneumatic: Temperature Sensors- Thermocouples & RTD’s. FISCHER&PORTER-BAILEY-Taylor-TBI-SENSYCON- K-Flow- Hartmann-Braun
Process Analyzers The ABB AnalyzeIT Process Analyzer Technology offers a comprehensive analyzer suite to meet the most stringent requirements. The ABB Process Analyzer family includes: Process Gas Chromatographs, Continuous Gas Analyzers, Process Photometers, Process Mass Spectrometers, Process FT-IR and FT-NIR Spectrometers and Physical Properties Analyzers. ABB’s Analytical and Advanced Solutions provide solutions that combine analyzers, advanced process control, process and application knowledge to create greater value for our customers.
Process Control The ABB IndustrialIT Extended Automation System 800xA provides extended automation solutions for continuous productivity improvements. System 800xA’s unique operating environment allows you to incorporate the ‘best in class’ products, applications and services from the world’s largest automation supplier.
K-Tek offers a variety of technologies for LIQUID and DRY product applications. Magnetic liquid level indicators, Magnetostrictive level transmitters, Ultrasonic level transmitters, RF capacitance and thermal dispersion flow and level switches; vibrating tuning fork, Guided Wave Radar for total and interface, Sureshot Laser. NEW! Lasermeter 2D & 3D laser scanner for non-contact volumetric and mass calculations.
Manufacturers of the MasterTouch and ValuMass thermal mass flow meters for measurement of virtually any gas or gas mixture
Complete Line of Fixed and Portable Gas detection Systems
Custom Designed Control & Instrumentation Panels, Process Skids, Engineering & Programming Services
Your heating specialist since 1949-Widest range of flexible heat, control and insular solutions
Open Channel Flow meters- Liquid or Solids Level Measurement-Solid Flow/No Flow Switches- Pumping Station Controls
DISINFECTION SYSTEMS CAPITAL CONTROLS Chlorination Fischer&Porter Chlorination Eccometrics Chlorination SEMBLEX Polymer Feeders ULTRADYNAMICS - UV Disinfection MicroChem Analyzers
Measurement and control solutions, including signal conditioners, transmitters, isolators, and alarms. Also, fieldbus solutions that support Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus, HART, and LonWorks I/O networks.
Sample Coolers-Water Sampling Steam Sampling-Process Sampling Blow Down Systems
Thermal Mass Flowmeters- Liquid, Gas Insertion & in-line
Ultrasonic Flowmeters- Doppler, Transit Time
Flow tubes-Venturi’s-Wedge Meters-Manifold valves
Latest Technology Flow Meters Using:
Digital Transit-Time Intelligent Signal Processing (ISP)
Correlation Technology
Acoustic Flow Profiler (AQP) Technology
FFT Microwave Technology
Pulse Spectral Correlation (PSC) Technology
Pulse Direct Current (PDC) Technology
Open Channel Flow Meters
Partially Filled Pipe Meters
Control Solutions for Industry- Formerly ABB Control Solutions Group
Signal Conditioning and Interface Products; Alarm Display Products- Annuciators, Mosaic Displays, Fault Finders; Leak Detection; Measurement Products- Density, Level, Weight , Mass Flow.
Designs and manufactures low pressure and high pressure regulators, filter regulators, specialty regulators, positioners, transducers, actuators and diaphragm seals in a wide variety of materials and configurations to meet a broad range of applications
Provides standard and custom switches for the industrial, chemical process, and energy markets
Verabar Velocity Averaging Flow Sensors
Digital Meters- Pump controllers-Scanners & Annunciators
Water/Wastewater Samplers
Flow Instruments-insertion turbine-sight flow
Flow Computers, HMI Software , Industrial PCs, Rate meters, Counters, Timers, Operator Interfaces and Flat panel Monitors.
Turbine Flow Meters and Electronic Flow Monitors for the petrochemical, semiconductor, food and beverage, and process industries.
Variable Area Flow Meters
Hydraulic Diagnostic Products - Portable testers and turbines for hydraulic fluids.
Primary Flow Elements - Venturi Meters, Wedge Meters, and Pitot Tubes
In-line and Insertion Vortex Meters
Complete line of flow meters for water and oil flow applications
Propeller Flow Meters for water flow meaurement